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"Sonshine" Child Development Center

Our focus is your child's developmental health, providing learning experiences in a loving and safe environment.

For complete program & registration information please visit the official "Sonshine" CDC website at www.sonshinecdc.org

The Salvation Army "Sonshine" Child Development Center provides learning experiences in a loving and supportive atmosphere. Children have access to art, music, science, dance and dramatic play, through education and recreation.

State certified teachers work with children in the curriculum such as language arts, number and reading readiness, large and small motor development and perceptual awareness.

Various programs are available for different age groups.

Preschool - ages 2 1/2 to 5
After-School - ages 6-12

"Sonshine" Child Development Center

Lesson plans not only excite curiosity and challenge minds, they enhance a child?s own special, God-given abilities, and talents, better preparing children for school and for life.

Confident kids get along well with families and friends, and with themselves. By developing respect for others at a young age, children grow up to be happier, healthier adults. The Sonshine Child Development Center emphasizes healthy social interaction and communication skills. Children in the program learn to think independently and assume responsibility for their own behavior, their own work, and their own belongings.

Latchkey Kids

The "Sonshine" Child Development Center in Monterey California offers before and after-school care for older children (ages 6-12) through the "Latchkey" program. This program is valuable to working families, who are busy yet vitally interested in their children?s development.

Latchkey provides children with access to outdoor exercise on the Greene Field recreational area, spacious classrooms, creative activities and homework centers.

Each student?s lesson plan is suited to his/her individual home and school situation. Tutoring when needed, and parent conferences are available. Individual assessments can be arranged so that each child can maximize his/her potential from the program.

Thankfulness for our world and its blessings is encouraged by saying grace before meals and snacks. Since CDC is a program of a Christian organization, we believe in the values that are a part of our religious heritage and strive to demonstrate them in everything we do.

For complete program & registration information please visit the official "Sonshine" CDC website at www.sonshinecdc.org

The Salvation Army has more than 400 after school programs in the United States.

Our first priority is to meet basic human needs, but we recognize the importance of programs that go beyond the basics of food, shelter, clothing and safety. In addition to meeting basic needs, The Salvation Army strives to provide programs that will help children thrive during crucial developmental years - from after school programs and summer camps, to childcare and toys at Christmas.

The Salvation Army supplements and supports kids' educational opportunities through a variety of programs.